Pagliacci’s – Studio City, CA

10 Oct

I’m a big fan of Pagliacci’s, I also work directly across the street and we are constantly calling orders in and walking across for a cup of yogurt. The man who owns it, Pagliacci, is their everyday and personally cooks ever pizza to perfection. He is so funny because he will pull out the pizza and fully examine it, if e thinks it needs more time he says “not ready yet” and puts it back in until it is to his liking.

If your not in the mood for pizza I recommend the chicken parmigiana or meatball sandwich. They make their own tomato sauce that is unlike any sauce I’ve ever tasted. I also enjoy their frozen yogurt and they have a huge selection of toppings.

They are always very friendly and love to make sure you are happy. They have two locations (Coldwater and Moorpark and Ventura and Laurelgrove), one time our intern called in an order to the wrong one and when he went to pick it up they had the other shop deliver it.

The prices are very reasonable, I never spend over 10 dollars on an entire meal. They are open till 11 so props for that and more props because Pagliacci is the coolest pizza man ever.

Long live Pagliacci’s!



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