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San Sebastián by The Pleasure Monger – Local Favorites and Outstanding Tapas Bars in Spain

9 Nov

I stumbled upon this exquisitely written article about one foodies travels through San Sebastian Spain. She encounters some of the neighborhood favorite dishes and local lifestyle on a Pinxtos Crawl, which is a Pub Crawl of sorts where the crawlers hop from bar to bar enjoying strong libations, nibbling on Pinxtos, and socializing with with townies and travelers.

One of my favorites is the large freshly grown local mushrooms from Bar Ganbara. All shapes and sizes, these must have been a genuine delicacy. Another one that was quitye intriguing to me and even inspired me to try to replicate a version in my own kitchen was the Anchovie and Foie Gras Crostini from Txepetxa. I could only imagine how rich and deliciously fresh that tasted; now if only I could create something similar!

Well enjoy the wonderful food and the wonderful writing The Pleasure Monger brings in this engaging and literarily whimsical piece.

San Sebastián – The Land of Promiscuous Eating « The Pleasure Monger.