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Top 5 Sandwiches

14 Oct

5. Chicken Parmesan


Los Angeles, CA

A real homestyle pizza place with a delicious tangy marinara sauce. When they smother it over a few pieces of crispy hand breaded chicken strips (that Pagliacci got from the local market right across the street,) covers it with some shaved parmesan and throws it in one of their hand made rolls it will blow your mind.

4. Pastrami, Cole Slaw, and Russian Dressing


Los Angeles, CA

How can you make an already delicious home made pastrami and cole slaw sandwich better? You slap it on a couple slices of home made rye as well! This is one of my all time favorite sandwiches and have searched a long time for one like this. When it comes to classic jewish delicatessen that reminds me of the east coast Langer’s is the place!

3. Chicken Schwarma

Pita Jungle

Phoenix, AZ

I have not had a chicken schwarma that I liked as much as the ones in Israel until I came here with my girlfriends sister. The chicken was perfectly seasoned with those delicious middle eastern spices that taste like israel. The lemon, garlic, peppers, and then the cool tahini hits and coats your mouth and the sweet crunch of fresh onion, cucumber, and tomato. The fluffy yet crunchy pita wrap holds all of it together like a delicious dough sweater. Mmm.

2. Junkyard Dawg

Bigfoot Bar-B-Q

Flagstaff, AZ

Tucked in cozy ol’ Flagstaff off Route 66 Bigfoot the people at Bigfoot serve up some delicious smoked barbeque and some vrazy creations inspired by the various BBQ regions of America. My favorite is the Junkyard Dawg, straight from the hard-working, pork eating, junkyard people of the south this sandwich packs a punch! They take a smoked Red Hot link and smother it with their pulled pork in the hot BBQ sauce, they finish it off with a hefty heaping of their signature spice rub seasoned creamy slaw, more BBQ sauce and a hefty side of regular or sweet potato fries.

1.Club Sandwich

Beyond Bread

Tucson, AZ

I have not seen a club sandwich stacked as high or as well as the club from Beyond Bread. Fresh sliced hand roasted turkey, crisp applewood bacon, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, and a good slab of mayo in between some perfectly toasted slices of their home made bread. 4 toothpicks, 2 ice teas, and a pound of sandwich later you are in a state of sandwich-phoria that you wont come back from for a long time. Everything about this sandwich is so fresh and you can just taste the care that was put into it.